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At our showroom in Reeuwijk, product and presentation go hand in hand with atmosphere and emotion. Inside the showroom, all seasons and trends are brought together, creating a collection of 15,000 items for use in and around the house.

The 7,000 m2 showroom is an inspirational environment. The collection is presented in an organised way and attractively styled.

Together with you, we translate trends into customised shop concepts with appropriate point-of-sale materials. With 4 different collections each year, our showroom changes continuously, which means the collection remains surprising and innovative based on contemporary themes. Each visit is an experience which leaves you well informed, inspired and full of new ideas for composing your collection.

The showroom of Edelman in Reeuwijk, the Netherlands 
The showroom of Edelman in Reeuwijk, the Netherlands

Spring Summer Garden collection 2024

Autumn Winter Christmas collection 2023